The Origins of the Gummiverse

By: Dr. Mikhail Gregoravich, Professor Emeritus of Creation Theology Proletarian Vanguard for Dialectical Advancement, Imperial College (Muskva) People’s Palace of Agricultural and industrial Advancement (updated in most recent printings to reflect political situation in Thembria. —ed)

In the Beginning, the Hand of Creation created Existence. And then it sought to fill the vast emptiness it had created. So it bound the three elemental essences of Existence – those of Body, Mind, and Heart – into a single entity, which it called Life. And so Existence became the dominion of Life, as it went forth and populated the domain it had been given. And, for a time, things were as they should be.

But, as the eons passed, the Hand of Creation soon became distressed. Life grew increasingly listless and stagnant, as after having become the master of Existence, Life had no purpose and wanted for nothing. To restore Life to contentment, the Hand of Creation once again tapped the three elemental essences to create three Realms to guarantee Life would always have challenges to overcome. And so came to be the Realm of Body, home of soaring peaks to climb and impenetrable forests to explore; the Realm of Mind, home to riddles unsolvable and questions unanswerable; and the Realm of Heart, benighted by barbarism and redeemable only by compassion and patience. So Life went forth, to perform deeds of derring-do, think great thoughts, and bring enlightenment.

And so, for a time, Life was again content as it made the Realms its own. But residing in lands forged for the elemental essences of Existence eventually began to take its toll upon Life. The denizens of the Realm of Body soon began exalting the primacy of physicality to solve all things; those of the Realm of Mind that of thought. In time, the denizens of the Realms of Body and Mind became more elemental than mortal and ceased to be Life at all. Those in the Realm of Mind became the Light of reason, scouring Creation of ignorance; those in the Realm of Body became the Darkness which remains when all else is snuffed out. While the philosophical justifications for their existence have since faded, the Light and Darkness remain with us today.

What became of the denizens of the Realm of Heart remains a hotly debated question. The leading theory amongst scholars is that, by virtue of the tasks put before them and the traits necessary to master them, the denizens of the Realm of Heart avoided becoming bound to the elemental essence of their Realm. (In the name of full disclosure, others argue that the denizens of the Realm of Heart did become bound to the elemental essence of Heart, but that such did not unbind their other essences as happened with the denizens of the Realms of Body and Mind.) What remains undisputed was that the Light and Darkness, each for their own reasons, craved that which allowed the Realm of Heart to sustain Life while their own realms could not.

And so the Primordial War engulfed Creation. Little is known about the war, even in the broadest strokes, with what is known having been reconstructed from ancient ga’ami records and observation of the physical signs of the conflict. What is known is that, for the first and only time, the Light and Darkness marched under the same banner in a war against Life, and that they were beaten back by a coalition that wielded the power of Creation itself. What that means can only be speculated upon: What cannot be was the result of that power’s unleashing, as the Realm of Heart was torn asunder by the conflict, with its remnants becoming the worlds which dot gummispace. The fragmenting of the Realm of Heart and incomprehensible devastation wrought upon the combined armies of Light and Darkness brought the Primordial War to a successful, if pyrrhic, conclusion for Life as the forces of Light and Darkness retreated to dress their wounds and prepare for the next round. A next round that could come any day…

The Origins of the Gummiverse

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