The Great Ordering

By: Dr. Mikhail Gregoravich, Professor Emeritus of Creation Theology Proletarian Vanguard for Dialectical Advancement, Imperial College (Muskva) People’s Palace of Agricultural and industrial Advancement (updated in most recent printings to reflect political situation in Thembria. —ed)

On the second day of discussing the history of the gummiverse, after having had their imaginations sparked with invocations of “In the Beginning…”, my students often will ask the question begged the end of the Primordial War: Why, following the fracturing of the Realm of Heart, was another attempt never made to seize the prize which was so tantalizingly close for both Light and Darkness? As the records of the ga’ami attest, the races of the newly formed gummiverse were exhausted from untold years of warfare and in disarray as their reality continued to come apart at the seams. After a brief period to lick their wounds and reorganize, even the historical neophyte notes, the Light or Darkness should have been able to finish what was started in the Primordial War.

Frustratingly, there is no readily available answer to why existence as we know it was not strangled in its cradle. Much of what we know of this time period comes from ga’ami sources or the first races which were uplifted by them: While the ga’ami diligently chronicled what they observed in the Realm of Heart, they are silent on what was occurring in the wider multiverse. What we know of the Light and Darkness come primarily from their own records, from the libraries of dread shadow fortresses which have been sacked by adventurers or bartered for in questionable transactions with the Light. These sources have a common name for the era immediately following the Primordial War, which scholars utilize for lack of a better one: The Great Ordering. And, if one is to believe – as the elementals do – then the Great Ordering was why the gummiverse persevered during its first tumultuous millennia.

As both the Light and Darkness are alien, elemental entities, it is difficult for mortals of flesh and blood to understand their political relationships. And the Great Ordering was, if nothing else, a political triumph so great that its import is not readily comprehended. (But try we shall!) At its base, the Great Ordering amounted to the creation of a set of rules of engagement between the Light and Darkness to formalize their relationship going forward. Due to the dearth of sources – let alone reliable ones! – we cannot say precisely what drove the Light and Darkness to agree to such a thing. But it is clear that, following their defeat in the Primordial War, the Light and Darkness had a falling out on a cosmic scale. The falling out was violent enough that the Primordial War never really ended for them: The elemental sources generally concur that what we know as the “Primordial War” did not end until the end of the Great Ordering.

At its core, the Great Ordering is a series of non-interference pacts by the Light and Darkness to allay the fundamental antagonism that exists between elemental incarnations of Mind and Body: They are, in short, an agreement to avoid waging war directly against each other’s homelands and keep whatever squabbles might exist confined to the Realm of Heart. Further, the Great Ordering is an agreement between the Light and Darkness not to “wilfully” venture to the Realm of Heart: Old gummispacers more commonly know this as the rule that Heartless can only go where they are invited. From what we know of the actual text – where there is any at all – of the Great Ordering, this is no strictly true. And, as with all good treaties, there is ample cheating by both sides: Tales of the ex post facto “invitations” extended to Darkness-aligned corsairs by their victims and the Light’s penchant for bargains of the Faustian sort are nothing if not widespread.

But, in spite of their seemingly mutually tolerated transgressions, the Great Ordering has kept the peace and spared the gummiverse a full-scale return of either the Light or Darkness. Which leads my young students to a rather unsatisfying conclusion: The reason why the gummiverse has not been conquered by the Heartless is because the Heartless do not believe it is worth the cost.

The Great Ordering

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