Elsa Àrnadalr

Avatar of the Frozen Heart, the one true queen of the ice and snow!


Origin World: Mitteleuropa (Frozen)


The first-born child of the royal house of Arandelle, Elsa was gifted with immense power: The Frozen Heart incarnated a fraction of itself in her, to prepare the defense of the realm against the eventual coming of the Heartless. This power proved to be a curse, however, as the young Elsa was unable to control it: She mortally wounded her sister Anna in a good-natured snowball fight which turned into a sisterly spat. While the rock trolls were capable of saving Anna, the incident prompted a radical shift in the raising of the royal children. Henceforth Elsa was to be isolated and kept as emotionally detached from the world as possible, so as best protect her and those around her from the elemental powers which her father believed were beyond mere mortal control.

How well this worked out was evidenced by the Ice Spire of Doom, summoned only as Elsa’s self-preservation instinct was overwhelmed by a Heartless dreadnought, kidnapping attempt, and the appearance of the Content Not Found: talagos. And her id’s subsequent creation of animate snow-wolves who wanted to tear Anna limb from limb.

Elsa Àrnadalr

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