Anna Àrnadalr

Arandelle's second-born royaling, who's more than just the spare.


Origin World: Mitteleuropa (Frozen)


The younger sister of Elsa, Queen of Àrnadalr, who has managed to remain a Pollyanna despite a tumultuous upbringing. (Or, perhaps, because of it.) Because she is so effusive and trusting, Anna makes friends rather easily, though the less scrupulous have used this to their advantage. As the party discovered, when Anna announced she had gotten engaged to Hans, the princeling from Jyllton who had consorted with the Darkness to “deal” with Elsa. Anna proved that she’s made of sterner stuff, however, upon discovering Hans’s duplicity, as she took it upon herself to kabaong him into the Stone Age for trying to kill her sister.

Anna was last seen venturing to Eberron with Content Not Found: talagos. That will probably end badly.

Anna Àrnadalr

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