Clone Bodyguard CB-4235 is looking for someone to protect; you're better off as the protectee than the one protected against.


Derived Values:
Hit Points: 60
Attack Combat Value: 5 (add 4 w/ Blaster Carbine)
Defense Combat Value: 3 (add 1 wearing Clone Armor, add 2 vs ranged attacks)
Attacks per Round: 1
Defenses per Round: 1
Damage: 20 (Blaster Carbine), 40 (grenade launcher), 12 (heavy pistol)

Stats: [32 cp]
Body: 7
Mind: 4
Soul: 5

Attributes: [15 cp]
—Heightened Awareness: 1
—Highly Skilled: 2
—Gadgets: 2
—Item of Power: Clone Armor 1
—Item of Power: Blaster Carbine w/ Grenade Launcher 1

Skill Groups: [21 cp]
—Military Skills [Body]: 2
—Adventuring Skills [Body]: 1
—Technical Skills [Mind]: 1
—Perception [Soul]: 2

Defects: [-8 cp]
—Phobia: Chocobos: 3 ranks
—Nemesis: Neckbeard the Pirate: 3 ranks
—Follows Jedi: 2 ranks

Combat Skills: [40 cp]
—Gun Combat (Pistol): 2
—Gun Combat (Rifle): 2
—Ranged Defense: 2
—Thrown Weapons: 1
SP Leftover: 0

Clone Armor
This suit of armor was once all shiny white with blue highlights, but now is rather worn and scratched, with a few dents and scratches. Nevertheless, it provides CB-4235 with a great deal of protection from physical attacks, and he is rarely found outside of it. The armor makes CB-4235 more resistant to damage, and his countless hours inside the armor give him an instinctive understanding of how to use it to deflect attacks.
(Armor 1, Defense Combat Mastery 1)

Blaster Carbine w/ underslung grenade launcher
CB-4235’s preferred weapon (though not his most commonly used), this is a powerful semi-automatic plasma weapon with a three-shot grenade launcher mounted below the barrel. Extremely accurate, Thirty-Five shows off his clone upbringing most when using this weapon. However, bodyguarding isn’t usually the place for military-grade weapons or heavy explosives, forcing Thirty-Five to use his heavy blaster pistol for most humdrum occasions.
(Blaster Carbine: Special Attack 1, Accurate 2, Hand-held)
(Grenade Launcher: Special Attack 2, Area of Effect 3 (6-meter diameter), Limited Shots 2 (3 rounds), Hand-held)


CB-4235 was just another clone trooper, a special bodyguard variant intended to provide protection for VIPs with more curiosity for battlefield tourism than good sense. Some say the Senator from Naboo was the example of why such a specialized clone trooper variant was required, though CB-4235 has no idea of the political machinations which resulted in his particular training. But he does know that everyone calls him “Meatshield”, and he’s not particularly wild about it. He prefers his designation, and considers “thirty-five” to be an adequate nickname.


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