Brynhilde von Stauffenberg

+Gadget Hackwrench-style Grease Monkey -Mouse


Base Stats: (42cp)
Body – 7 (14 cp)
Mind – 7 (14 cp)
Heart – 7 (14 cp)

Health Points: 70
Base Attack Combat Value: 7 (+3 when Ranged; Additional +4 or +6 when using various Combi-Weapon Configurations)
Base Defence Value: 5 + 2 Defence Combat Mastery, additional +2 against Ranged and Melee Attacks
Attack Actions: 1
Defence Actions: 1
Maximum Damage (Combi-Weapon): 67
Initiative Bonus: +5 Lightning Reflexes

Attributes: (35cp)
Combat Technique: Lightning Reflexes, Steady Hand (2cp)
Defence Combat Mastery 2 (4cp)
Gadgeteer 6 (12cp)
Gadgets 1 (2cp)
Heightened Awareness 2 (2cp)
Highly Skilled 1 (1cp)
Item of Power 3, Combi-Weapon: (12cp)
Special Attack 3: Attributes (Accurate 2, Stun), Disabilities (Hand-Held, Short Range, Low Penetration 1) (12/15ip)
(3/15 Item Points unused)

Laser Blaster (Major Item)
Premium Medikit (Minor Item)
Camping/Survival Gear (Minor Item)
Repair Toolkit (Minor Item)
Neural-Optical Computer (Minor Item)

Skills (9cp, 35/(30 + 10)sp)
Technical 3 (9cp)
Gun Combat, Combi-Weapon 3 (18sp)
Ranged Defence 2 (12sp)
Melee Defence 2 (10sp)

Defects (+2cp)
Phobia 2, Dragons (+2cp)


Brynnie: Treasure Planet (with heavy Freelancer inspirations)

Brynhilde von Stauffenberg was once part of “Baron Richtofen’s Flying Circus”, a newly-formed group of (mostly Human, representing the last of the original Human Military Nobility in an Empire of mostly Raccoon-like warriors) Starfighter pilots in the Procyan Armada formed in order to discover a new way of fighting and new fighter tactics against Her Majesty’s Imperial Royal Navy, and had the pride and stubborn determination to back herself up in the new squadron. On one of her first missions, Brynnie was sent on a patrol with two other wingmen in a dense, mostly uncharted section of the Etherium; Shortly afterwards, however, Brynnie encountered a small wing of Heartless drones that promptly made short work of her wingmen, and heavily damaged her Valkyrie as she tried to fight back to little avail - she barely escaped with her life and, with her fighter damaged beyond repair, was forced to crash-land on an unnamed planet with her navmap damaged, where she found herself stuck with an entire gummispace in between her and home. Further explorations of the planet found an entirely foreign civilization there, and a bustling town featuring a…band of some sort also under scrutiny by the Heartless…?

Brynhilde tends to speak with a heavy, psuedo-SPESS German accent and is also proficient in the brand-new, state-of-the-art Valkyrie Heavy Fighter, although her initial ship was lost during the crash-landing after being shot down.

Brynhilde von Stauffenberg

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